This is the website for Lionheart Hat Shop, a Renaissance Festival Hat Shop which sells fine, fancy & whimsical hats for a variety of individuals & characters. All of the hats are hand made, sewn of various fabrics with wire & inner support as needed. No leather hats or “hard” shaped hats are available.  Visiting the actual shops is encouraged for best observation of fabrics & colors available at the moment as well as for proper fitting to the head & the personality.  Special orders can be created, with your fabric or mine, from your images or my imagination with the results ranging from “just what I wanted” to “that’s what I thought you wanted”.  Timing & willingness to accommodate such a request will depend on how busy the season & how qualified I feel to meet the challenge. Please enjoy the Gallery where many of the hats I make are portrayed, some happily settled on heads.

I can be contacted at kathelslionheart@yahoo.com

Kansas City Renaissance Festival Booth Scarborough Fair Booth
Booth renderings, Kansas City & Scarborough, by Danny Gillies 1991.

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