101_4472Kathel opened Lionheart Hat Shop in 1986, starting at Scarborough Fair in Waxahachie Texas. With the help of her friend Victor Smith, she was able to design and build booths at Scarborough Faire and Kansas City Renaissance Festival.

Since then she has married Victor and added daughter Brianna, a booth at Sterling Renaissance Festival and a son Elijah. That’s in order of chronology, not importance!

In college she found she could combine her love of history and handcraft projects in the study of clothing history. Her skills and interests have blended into the design of historical head wear.

Studying historical sources-both primary and secondary, books of art, and also modern artistic reinterpretations of these styles give her a great deal to work with.

Customer requests and joint research have also led to great ideas. Finding interesting fabrics or intriguing support materials may also inspire her creativity.

For Kathel, making a well-made product at a reasonable price is the main goal. Whether a hat is used occasionally to complete a costume or worn often as a regular head covering, she hopes folks will be well satisfied with her hats.


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