teahat1   Tapestry Puff   Capello  capello1  Cappello in the Byzantine style closeup

Tea Hat                         Tapestry Puff                Cappello                Cappello

Wizard  IMG_0449   DSCN4918

Wizard Hat                 Wizard Hat          Wizard(patron embellished)

.                                                                          & Relaxed Wizard Hat

jester1 Stocking Cap Stocking Cap Ficus Hat  Back view of Ficus

Three Point Jester Hat        Stocking Caps                                         Ficus(Goggles & Specs not included)

Hunter hat & Fancy cotton  Hunter Hat, adult version  Fancy Cotton Scholar's cap
Hunter Hat & Fancy Cotton Hat             Hunter Hat               Fancy Cotton                    Scholar’s Hat

Felt Cavalier Hat  IMG418  DSCN4913 Beaded Captain's hat

Felt Cavalier Hat                        Gilt Felt Pirate Hat       Captain’s Hat                 Beaded Captain’s Hat

Fringed Biretta for the Lord Mayor    Fringed Biretta    Special Order Fringed Biretta.

Tudor Fringed Biretta       Tudor Fringed Biretta         Custom Slashed & Puffed Fringed Biretta

Fringed Biretta & Flat Cap       Flatcap for a Lady closeup  Flatcap for a Lady
Fringed Biretta & Flat Cap    Flat Cap                               A lucky match!

Biretta  DSCN4979   Special Columbus style  DSCN4980

Biretta                          Biretta                                                Custom Columbus Hat             Columbus Hat

Kid's Jester Hat   Kid's tam   IMG1610

Kid’s Jester Hat                          Kid’s Tam                                   Infant’s Tam                            Infant Jester hat

First landsknecht style
First landsknecht style

Design was based on images supplied by the gentleman, using fabrics I had in stock.  Back view of special Lansknecht request. Painting by Cranach the Elder. The model wore this same hat in several of his paintings which gave me various views of the hat.  Created for this fine lady to match the gown she had commissioned by another seamstress. Fabrics & images were provided & we met for measurements & consultation.

.                              Custom Landsknecht                                                     Custom Landsknecht

Hat of Invisibility invisible1     029  010

Hat of Invisibility                Custom Hat of Invisibility  Patchwork Fine Hat              Basic Fine Hat

Darryl's Hat 2  Darryl's Hat 1b

Darryl’s Hat

IMG_0676  IMG_0642IMG_0643  IMG_0640  Alaina's elven Lady's hat
Top Hat                                    Embellished Straw Hat                                                     Lady Hat & Snood          Lady Hat

Franks' Imperial hat project (5)  Franks' Imperial hat project (2)

Custom Chinese Imperial hat, image provided by patron